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A few years ago I bought my husband a painting of Stephen Gerrard, his favourite Liverpool player. It took a lot of digging deep to buy a painting I would NEVER buy myself! Let alone know that it would hang in our home! (Thankfully it’s in his office and I can close the door 🤣)

Buying art for someone can be such a personal and thoughtful gift, one that will be treasured for years to come. The person receiving the art will know that you spent time thinking about them, about the type of art that they would love. They will feel truly special and thrilled that they can hang a piece bought specially for them and remember that feeling every time they look at the artwork.

So here are 3 TOP TIPS for helping to select the perfect artwork as a gift for someone special

1. What artworks do they already have?

What art pieces already hang on their walls or sit on their shelves?

Do they tend towards local landscapes, pretty florals or wild colourful abstracts?

What sort of person are they? How to they decorate their home? Modern decor or classic old style?

Do they tend to go for original paintings or prints? Do they go large or small?

Remember you are buying for them, not for you... unless you also live with them then you’re kinda buying for you too!

2. Do they follow particular artists online?

Here’s where a bit of detective work comes in! On Instagram you can see who they are following (go to their profile, click on “following”), and see what arty posts they have liked. You can then go to the artists website and see if they have paintings or prints for sale. Also don’t be afraid to contact an artist directly and ask them if they have any pieces for sale. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to send you some options and you might even pick up some fresh artwork that’s not on general release yet!

3. Still not sure? Commission a piece!

Many artists offer the option to commission an artwork. This can be a great option as the painting can be personalised to march the preferences of the lucky art receiver that you have already figured out above!

Artists often use a photo reference or even a bunch of photos to create a composition.

For example, I recently painted this beach scene in Nantucket for a lady who spends summers there with her family. She gave me a selection of photos of her local beach and boardwalk, as well as various photos of her kids which I used to create a scene that amalgamated all her wishes for the painting, including incorporating her favourite flowers - hydrangeas!

A commissioned painting could be of a favourite place, local scenery or landmark, a favourite hobby or object, a childhood or holiday home, a memorable holiday scene, a family moment , a beloved pet, a favourite flower... the list is endless.

Buying art as a gift can be especially personal and emotional... and can be a really great gift for someone that is usually difficult to buy for.

I hope these tips will help you to select a truly unique and treasured piece of art for someone you care about. Time to get choosing!

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