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Some paintings just flow, like they have a mind of their own and know where they want to go. These Layer paintings are like that. I tried not to get in their way and let the mark making be intuitive and authentic. They are painted in layers, firstly with watered down acrylic mixes for the first layers, followed by a variety of paint marks, colours, patterns, line and collage.


Each original painting in the Layer series is based on a mix of just four colours – raw umber, rose pink, deep turquoise and titanium white (if you can call white a colour!) – so they harmonise as single pieces or as a group of paintings. They are mixed media pieces on professional acrylic paper with acrylic paint, coloured pencil, graphite, paint pens, newsprint and ink.


Each painting is a push and pull of dark and light, soft and bold, pattern and line, textured and smooth. They were painted without overthinking, without too much decision making. More of a feel for where the marks could show up, so they are not overworked but rather loose and free to be themselves.  


This original abstract painting is 7 x 9 inches and comes unframed. It is mounted with a 10 x 12 inch white mount, which can fit into any standard 10 x 12 inch frame. It comes with a protective clear sleeve and is individually named and signed with the artist sticker on the reverse.


This original piece is €99 plus postage & packaging.

If you are interested in purchasing more than one, feel free to contact me ( and we can see what we can do!



"Layers of Love" 7 x 9 inch original abstract painting by Artist Evelyn Barry

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